Week 73-74 : Happy New Year 2018

So it’s been 2 weeks so first off, let me just say Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Years to all the wonderful people on this email list. You’re all great and I hope this last year was as good to you as it was for me. Back in the day, if I didn’t email for 2 weeks straight I’d go super in-depth on everything we did because, you know, you wanna update everyone at home about all the stuff that’s going on. Now…I’ll be honest, unless I’ve learned something super cool in the last week, I feel pretty lazy about telling about all the things that have been happening. This problem is especially compounded when there’s just too much to talk about. So here’s a list of our various activities the past 2 weeks:

1. Christmas was awesome with a branch Christmas party
2. We helped arrange this giant dinner with a ton of members. The gist of it is we have a few less-actives that we have been trying to bring back, and a big reason they are less-active is because with so many new people being baptized in the time they haven’t been at church, the times where they do come, everyone is basically a stranger to them. So we arranged this dinner and invited our less-actives and a few recent converts and regular members. Our investigator also happened to be there and it was a huge success to see everyone’s friend base expand.
3. We flew down South and had exchanges with the zone leaders down there and we were also conscripted to do a training in their zone conferences on bold invitations. I did my training on John Chapter 4, and I won’t go into too much detail about it, but if anyone wants to read it and guess how Christ’s boldness converted the woman at the well, please feel free to email me.
4. I am now 20 years old! The members in our branch surprised us with a cake and some presents and being around the people I love the most definitely made it the best Birthday ever.
5. We had our zone p-day where we went to this place called ninh bình. It was awesome scenery and it’s where they filmed the new king kong movie. So we basically got to be on set.
5. New Years was pretty normal, we didn’t do anything crazy out of the ordinary there
6. As one of our new Assistant to the President responsibilities, he’s asked us to start making some videos to put on our branch and english class facebook concerning Christmas, English Class, and Vietnamese new year. So if you wanna make my companion go viral, go check our English class video under the some along the lines of “free english group hanoi lds”
6. We got a new investigator named Hòa and she’s pretty good. I’ll attach a picture below.
Love you all!
Elder Phan

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