Week 65 : Great week


This week has been a great week. We did really good with our weekly goal this week of getting a new investigator and having two of our investigators attend church. It was awesome arranging the whole thing. We called members and made assignments in our branch missionary meeting to have certain members that we felt would get along with these investigators sit with them in church and be their friend. We told these members our investigators backgrounds and gave them certain questions they could ask. Some micro-managing went on in doing this, and normally I’m a person that hates micro-managing, but in this case it worked out super well when church time came around. Everything went great and our investigators had good experiences. Besides that we’ve had the opportunity to have tons of appointments across the board with members, less-actives, and investigators this week. It feels like we went from 0-100 and it’s a rush. Besides appointments, we also got to do exchanges with some of our district leaders and it was a great experience to be able to minister to them and help them out with their districts.
I just wanted to close with a statement by our mission president’s wife that I think is so profound and essential to understand for a missionary, or for anyone that is looking to “succeed” in life:
Sister Hassell: “This week I read a statement by Elder Henry B. Eyring.  He was talking about praying to know how to help his children find peace and happiness.
He said:
‘“At such moments, I cared less about being seen as a succesful parent, but I cared deeply about the success and well-being of my children.”’

So, I thought….how does that relate to us in our calling here?

It might look like this:

“At such moments, I  cared less about being seen as a successful branch builder, but I cared deeply about the success and well-being of the people I worked with, the people I contacted, the people I taught, [and the missionaries I train].”

I believe that this gradual change (changing from being keenly aware of one’s own performance in the eyes of God, to, instead, simply lovingly and humbly assisting others while consistently seeking God’s wisdom on how to proceed) is a key transformation in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

That’s all for this week!  Love you all!

Elder Phan

Pictures: I only have pictures of a lot of meal appointments we had, including one with our mission president

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