Week 62 : Cherish


So as you can tell from the subject, this week was pretty awesome!

Biggest thing that happened is that we finally found some investigators! Those potentials that we’ve been nourishing for the past couple weeks finally accepted to learn more about the gospel!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! It’s actually kinda pathetic how excited I am about this, but I think it’s merited right? South American missions can brag about having a ton of baptisms every week. Here in ‘Nam, I’m just happy that we get investigators to teach in the first place haha!
The first guy’s name is Ninh, who was a referral from Elders in another area. We met him and he’s pretty good. He transparent guy. We had a lesson planned with him last week, but he was a no show. This week though, he called us up out of nowhere and said he felt bad for not being able to show up for our lesson, and asked if we could meet that night, and we were like “You kidding?! Of course!” So we arranged an appointment and it was good!
The second guy is another referral from the other Elders that live in our apartment. They contacted him, spent some time nourishing him, and then passed him off to us when they found out he lived in our area. He’s awesome. He’s come to our English class and young single adult activities and loves it. He’s also super open and receptive to the spiritual thoughts that are shared during those activities, so we finally thought he was ready to be invited to learn more. We had a dinner appointment at a member’s house and afterwards shared a quick message with him about God’s plan of salvation for all His children and invited him to learn more. He said “sure of course!” So we were super stoked!
Besides that, I wanted to share one more fun story from this week. We dedicated an evening to go find some less-active members. The one in particular we were hoping to find has been a member for 9 years, so we went to the address that was on her record and it led us down this super sketchy alley. Like, imagine this alley came straight out of a horror film. It’s run-down, no lights whatsoever, and for some reason, when we walked down the alley all the noise of the traffic kinda faded away. Elder Dong Quang brought a flashlight and as we went down the alley, it led to a gate that was the entrance to a tiny half completed apartment building hiding in the back. Think of it like a haunted construction sight (again, there’s absolutely no light except for the one coming from the flashlight). So we’re standing at this gate deciding whether or not it’s worth risking our lives to go in here and check it, and right when I decided to step across to go into the building, we hear a little kid laugh and it’s one of those little kid laughs that also come straight out of a horror film. That laugh sent us over the edge and we booked it out of that alley as fast as we could! The kicker was that when we called this member later, it turns out she’s been living in Ho Chi Minh City for the past 8 years and is actually very active in the Tan Son Nhat branch, so…..yeah. Heart attack for nothing.
But it makes for a fun story. It’s times like these that you really cherish a mission. I recommend it😇. Sorry not  much in terms of spiritual lessons in this email, but it’s been a while since I shared a decent story. Hope all is well at home. Love ya’ll!
Elder Phan
Pics from our last P-Day where we went to an aquarium with a member
Flexing on all our fellow Bronies
The first Corgie I’ve seen here. It’s been way too long
A baptism at of the sister missionaries
A view of the water show outside our apartment at night
Our English class this week
Elder Son before he goes home

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