Week 60 : Conferences


Dear family and friends

This week has been pretty loaded. We had our mission leadership conference at the beginning of the week, and then our zone conference in the middle of the week, and then general conference (that’s a church-wide, world-wide event where the leaders of the church speak all the members around the world through broadcast), and then a slew of other various meetings with branch leadership and our district leaders. There’s been so much drowning in the Spirit and I’ve learned so much. With all of these conferences going on, we’ve had next to no time to look for new investigators or spend time looking after the area we’re working in, which is something that we’ve really needed to buckle down on for the last little while. Our mission president got us back on track and basically told us that we’ve actually been doing too much caring for the missionaries for our zone, and now it’s time to turn our attention more to finding those within our area who are ready to hear the message of the Gospel. That being said, in spite of all the crazy preparation we’ve had to do for all these councils and meetings and conferences, God seriously blessed us in terms of our area. In the few moments we had to work to our potential investigators, we got more progress done in this one week with the couple hours we had than we did in the past few weeks! It was awesome, and nothing short of a miracle. Hopefully we can keep this going into this next week.

As for the conferences, they were all so good. General conference was incredible and some of those talks were definitely inspiring for me. I know that all those talks had some piece of inspiration for everyone who listened and anyone will sit down and study those talks in the future. My heart goes out to President Monson, who is not in the best of health, and the family and friends of Elder Robert D. Hales, who passed away in between conference sessions.
I’m out of time, but let me just say that it’s been a fully sastisfying week and God’s hand has been in just about every second of it, if not to show me something, definitely for someone else. Always remember that if you’re feeling down on yourself because you can’t feel as if God is there influencing your life, it doesn’t mean He’s not there. He currently has 7 or 8 billion on the world that He is also working on, not to mention all the others in the spirit world. Something that you see and by extention may not learn much from, doesn’t mean that there’s not a lesson in there placed by God to be learned from another person. And on the flip side, you will learn so many lessons in the everyday walk and talk of things if you pay attention and ponder. I’ve seen so much evidence of this on my mission and in the lives of other people. God is here, and His influence is felt in everything we do here on the Earth. I challenge you to try and find and recognize Him. (Hint: Studying these general conference talks will help a lot😉)
Much love and good luck,
Elder Phan
Pictures: My favorite dog in Hanoi (mom and dad, if you need any ideas for a coming home present…😜😜😜), some pictures of the lake and a giant tree from our last P-Day, my companion with a burrito in his front pocket (it’s been a long time since we’ve had a good buritto {burrito? Idk how to spell spanish anymore}), my comp and I playing a little bit of dress-up before English class along with a kid in our branch who is awesome, a Hai Ba Trung district suit pic from Zone Conference, and finally THANG! my favorite member from Saigon who came up for a bit and we ran into him at the mission office!

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