Week 47: Happy July 4th


It was a good week this week. Also very tiring, but I feel largely satisfied with the work we were able to do.

To start off, I got kinda sick this last Tuesday. Monday we went and got a late dinner of some street food. The place that we went to was safe (missionaries had eaten there before with no problems), but for whatever reason I got wrecked by whatever it was I chose to eat. So that Tuesday after, I woke up with some awesome stomach cramps and was kinda dragging myself around all morning. The climax was when we left our apartment to go to district meeting, and in the elevator, I had just enough time to say “Guys, I’m gonna throw up” before puking my guts out in front of everyone. I felt bad that they had to see that, but on the plus side, after throwing up, I felt a lot better, so we ended up getting to and sitting through the meeting ok. Afterwards I started feeling a little weak again, and when we finally got home in the early afternoon, I had to throw up once more. Luckily, we made it to a toilet before it all came out. At that point we figured it would probably be best for me to rest the rest of the day. Over the week, I’ve been feeling better and better, so it’s all good!
In terms of the work, we picked up a new investigator this week named Anh Hai. He lives in another missionary’s area, so we’ll have to transfer him over to them so that they can teach him, but he’s super awesome. He just called us up randomly one day and said that he was done with his college tests and was interested in learning more about our church! Seriously, I kid you not, having people that you contacted that call YOU back is rarer than diamonds, so we were super excited, and he’s awesome. My companion Elder Cong was unable to be there the day that we met him, but that’s okay, because that day we had a 24 hour companion exchange and for that day I got to be with my old trainer Elder Tri!!! Being back with him and serving with him, even for just a day, was a huge blessing for me. Even now that I’m 11 months in, he’s still probably the biggest example to me on my mission, and I always learn something new from him. I can say I had the best trainer in the mission, no offense to any of the other missionaries.
I actually didn’t realize that today was the 4th of July, but thankfully, my mom and dad were kind enough to remind me of it in their email to me this week, so happy 4th of July to everybody back in the States! The missionaries here as far as I know haven’t planned anything to celebrate. We’re technically not allowed to play with fireworks and stuff, but maybe we can make something work with Coke bottles and mentos or something. But that’s about all the interesting stuff for this week, so I’ll leave it at that. Love you all and have a good holiday!
Elder Phan

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