Week 42: Charity thought

Hello everybody

This’ll be a quicky today because for P-Day today we’re going to go eat at our investigator’s family’s house for the day, and he lives waaaaaaaaaayyy out of the city. It’s outside of mission boundaries, but our mission president gave us the go ahead to see if we can also share a message with his family and maybe get them interested in learning about the gospel as well. It’ll be a long ride, just for lunch, but hey, at least by the end of it we’ll be plenty hungry.

This week has been a great week! Our (former) investigator Anh Huy got baptized yesterday at 8 AM in the morning before church, and I was freaking out! Elder Thái and I were in charge of putting together the service and getting the whole thing arranged, and we thought everything was all good and set. 7:55 am Sunday morning, no one has shown up for the service except for a few missionaries and I was stressing out that no one was going to come support our investigator’s baptism. No worries though, because Mormon standard time dictates that everyone shows up at the last minute, and that’s literally what happened. By 8, everyone that needed to be there in order for the service to take place showed up, and more trickled after the service was beginning. The baptism went great, and his confirmation at the hand’s of Elder Thái also went well! It was a good experience all around.
We’ve also finished teaching all the lessons to our other investigator, Anh Khoa, so now our future follow-up meetings with him will be to read with him from the Book of Mormon to help strengthen his faith and build his personal testimony. His baptismal date was scheduled for June 4th, but we’ll have to push it back a bit because he doesn’t feel quite ready yet. No worries.
Besides all the excitement with teaching and baptizing this week, I also had an opportunity to go on exchanges with our esteemed district leader, Elder Dông Quang, and I learned something new from it. Lately I’ve been trying to work on and acquire the gift of charity. One of the recommendations was to pray for it, and that’s what I’ve been doing, but Elder Dông Quang recommended that I actually go out there and put myself in/make situations in which I can feel charity. After all, praying and hoping is one thing, but one can’t just sit there and wait for things from God to come. Faith is a principle of belief AND action. You gotta go out and make things happens, and then will God bless your efforts. So I tried it a couple of time, and I can definitely say that I’m seeing results of feelings of charity much more quickly that I did when I  just prayed for it and then didn’t do anything about it. It was a cool thing to learn.
Hope everybody is having a good week! Evrything is going great here in ‘Nam. Rain’s good! Blessings are pouring down just as much as water is! Love you all!
Elder Phan
Video : Activity at English Class
(Notes: This English class is free and fun, you are all welcome to learn and to meet us )


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