Week 39: Good week


Hello everyone!

This week was a pretty rewarding week. I mentioned last week that we got transfer calls and Elder Vinh moved out of our house. The new Elder in the house is Elder Hung, who was just transferred down from Hanoi. He’s been out for as long as I have and we were in the same MTC (Missionary Training Center) group. It’s been really fun having him in the house with us, he’s really awesome and perky.
It’s been awhile since I’ve given a complete update on our investigators. We have 4 right now: Anh Khoa, Anh Huy, Anh Nghia, and Anh Bach, all of whom were contacted by our efforts. Not that that means anything. We were just lucky that the Lord saw fit to bless us with the investigators that we have. The first 3 are doing so great. They have baptismal dates scheduled in the next couple weeks and they are doing really well. No complaints with them. Anh Bach is also a pretty good guy, just a little socially awkward, so we’ve been trying to integrate him into the church social atmosphere. He’s also a little non-committal because he’s moving to France some time in the next month. So our goal with him is to just meet with him as much as possible to send him off on a good note. Despite that possibility, I’m excited for all of them and they continue to surprise every time we meet with them in terms of displays of faith.
I seriously saw miracles this week. There were a couple of times where we failed to get a member to sit in on our lessons and help us out with an investigator, but without fail, every single time, at the last minute, we found one who was available. The most prominent story is when we showed up early morning at the church to teach someone, with no member help. 5 minutes before his lesson is about to start, a member shows up at the church for no reason, and she wasn’t busy, and was more than willing to help us. As the result, that lesson was a spiritual powerhouse! I can’t tell you how strong it’s presence has been in our lessons this past week. It’s been awesome! As I’ve striven to teach more and more by the guidance of the Holy Ghost, the difference has been incredible, at least for me personally.
Besides all that good stuff, we also had a 3 hour conference with English professors from BYU who shared with us how we can become better English class teachers. It was a really enlightening conference with lots of cool tips that we can use.
The final peak of our week: We finally found Mexican food! After 9 months of none, I have finally tasted the heavens again, and despite the high-rolling prices, there was no regrets. Maybe later on in the month when I realize that we need groceries and I don’t have enough money…I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. In preparation for that though, we’ve been living more frugally than usual. Hopefully it works out!
Love you all! I may or may not be able to email next week because that’s the week I get to skype home.
Elder Phan
Us elders preparing to go out in the rain

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