Week 32 : Vietnam Hanoi Mission Conference


Good morning everybody!

So lots of fun things happened this week. Sorry about the short email last week. Turns out our super awesome zone P-day that we were planning on had to change because the place we were going to go to was closed. It’s ok. On the bright side, we all went bowling at a place nearby, which was fun. The downside of that is that we took a bus, and on that bus, I unknowingly stepped in a pile of doggy doo-doo. It wasn’t until we sat down that we noticed an awful smell, and then looked down and “Op, too late!” That smell was carried with me for the rest of the day, and life was not fun in that respect, but hopefully everyone was having too much fun to care. After bowling, we went and got Korean BBQ, and then went back ot the 3D art museum that we found a couple months back. It was a lot of fun to see everyone take pictures.


On Tuesday, we had a huge turnout for the Happy Family Class that our mission president and his wife teaches at the Thao Dien church building. Anh Phuc, our investigator came, and Em Phuong, one of our other investigators, and her family came as well! Now her family having more interest in learning about the gospel.
By far the biggest thing that happened this week was mission conference in Hanoi. All the missionaries gathered in Hanoi for a conference, with special guest Elder Gerrit Gong of the Presidency of the 70, Bishop Davies of the Presiding Bishopric, and Elder Evans of the Area 70. It was a great opportunity to gather in the same room as these great men and here their amazing testimonies. In that conference, Sister Kim Thu from Hanoi, and Sister Man Nghi and I from the Thao Dien district got to play a special musical number for them. We had only come together to practice with each other for the first time literally half an hour before the conference started, so that was really tough. We DID end up messing up pretty bad in front of everyone. It’s all good, we can make mistakes right? In that conference, some of my questions that I didn’t get an opportunity to voice out loud were answered. Very nifty.
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To close out our week, we got our transfer calls this Sunday. After serving 25% of my mission in the Thao Dien area, the call finally came for me to get transferred to a new branch. Luckily, it’s the Tan Son Nhat branch, which is right over the giant bridge. Elder Dat and I will no longer be companions, but I will be training one of the new missionaries that are scheduled to arrive in Vietnam in the next day or so, so we’ll see how that goes. Elder Vinh, one of the missionaries in the Thao Dien district is the new district leader, but my new companion and I will be living in his house, because our areas are pretty close together, so there’s no point in getting a new house when there’s plenty of room. I’m going to be really sad to leave the Thao Dien branch. The members here and the investigators that we have are great people. It’s funny how it seems like there are just people here that you are meant to meet. If I had never chosen to serve a mission, I wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to know these amazing people. I know the Lord has also intended for me to meet certain people in the Tan Son Nhat branch as well, so I’m excited for that.Missionary arriving Vietnam March 20 2017
( 8 new elders – picture taken in Provo, UT – before departing to Vietnam 20 March)
Missionary arriving Vietnam March 20 2017-3
  ( 3 new sister missionaries arrived Hanoi airport on 03/21/2017)
Missionary arriving Vietnam March 20 2017-2
                               ( HCMC missionaries force as of March 2017)
Love you all and hope this week is a blessed one!
Elder Phan
PS: for friends and families in Vietnam- or for all – you are invited to our church on every Sunday at   16A Phan Tôn, phường Đa Kao, quận 1, tp HCM.  at 9:00 AM.  We loves to have you there.

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