Week 27 : The work goes on


Good morning everybody!!! How are things?

It’s been a pretty packed week over here. Last P-Day after I emailed, we went to a museum describing the history of Vietnam leading up to and during the war. All experiences of the war asidem I’ve learned that a museum experience is MUCH more interesting when you can interact with the stuff there. After walking around the museum for about 2 hours looking at nothing but fancy rooms with chairs and stuff, the highlight of our visit there was when we got to the kitchen and got to touch and play with all the buttons, knobs and switches. It sounds pathetic, I know, but when all you do for 2 hours is walk around looking at rooms and not be allowed to do anything in them, let me tell you, playing with a button on a blender from the 1960s goes a long way to increasing the entertainment value.
We also had transfer calls this week. Not a lot of changes to the missionary companionships, but my old trainer, Elder Toan, finished his mission and has gone back home to Sydney, Australia. Of the three trainers that I had, I think the biggest thing I learned from him was to love the people you serve and serve with. We also got 2 new temporary missionaries, one from the Tan Son Nhat branch and one from Hanoi, both of whom will be serving for the next 6 weeks. The final change was a change in the sister companionships. Sister Thu Hong, a sister who has been serving in Thao Dien, got transferred up to Hanoi, while Chi Nghi from Hanoi transferred down here to serve out the final 6 weeks of her mission.
In terms of the work, we picked up a new investigator this week as we were contacting in a park. She saw our white shirts and ties and recognized the uniform I guess. From what she said, it sounds like she came in contact with missionaries as she was visiting family in Australia and she really enjoyed what they shared with her. Unfortunately, our first lesson with her was a little rough. We had to teach her in that same park the next day, and it was really hard to invite the Spirit in a public place like that, with all these people running around. Not to mention there was some intense karaoke going on across the street. It was all-around a terrible environment to teach her in, so we cut our losses and gave her a pamphlet to read for herself and follow-up with her this week to see what she thought. That same night, we also taught Anh An. His baptismal date is 2 weeks away, but now we have discovered some concerns that are halting his progression, mainly that in his thought process that all Christian religions are good, he doesn’t yet realize that there is only one church that contains a fulness of the truth. It’s like this: why would you settle for only a part of the cookie when someone is offering you the entire cookie?
I also got the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Dung, a missionary in our district, and it was a very valuable learning experience for both me and him. I learned that each missionary works differently with different people, especially companions.
I hope everyone had a good week this last week. It’s always a pleasure to email every week, so I’ll talk to everyone again next week.
Elder Phan
Pictures: A couple weeks ago when Elder Vinh and I played soccer with some kids, what happens when missionaries go to a boring museum, last picture: I should probably stop picking up dead animals. It’s not healthy. Sorry mom and dad

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