Week 1 – MTC – Provo

On Friday, August 5, 2016 4:21 PM, Kevin Huy Phan <kevin.phan@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Hey everyone!

Anh Ca Phan here! It’s been a pretty awesome few days here in the MTC. They kept telling me how the first few days can be pretty stressful, but I’ve been enjoying my training and classes and group so much that none of us are feeling that stress! At first, I was grouped with 8 other Elders who are being called to Vietnam, all of whom are of some sort of Vietnamese descent. Of those 8, I was the only one who grew up speaking Vietnamese. But everyone in the class is picking up the language very quickly. Even so, I’m so grateful to my family for teaching me Vietnamese growing up. I didn’t realize how much of an advantage that was, and I’m sure that was why a lot of the stress went unfelt. Also taking the time to learn how to read Vietnamese over the summer has been a huge benefit as well. So thank you so much Mom and Dad. Our first day, they put us right into it, teaching an introductory course in Vietnamese and putting us through a simulation where we’re talking to investigators, not necessarily trying to teach and convert them, but learn how to get to know them as a person, get a read on them, and find out what sort of message would best help them in their journey to come close to Jesus Christ. We did that by asking them various questions about their lives and bearing our testimonies to them. The climax of the first day happened during the evening. A little background: we live in dorm buildings that require key cards to get into, and then we have another key get into our room. Well, both my companion, Anh Ca Egelund, and I lost our keys to our room the first day XD. We had to go get a replacement key on the other side of the campus. We then found out that we left both our original keys in our room. Later that night, after we had changed clothes to sleep, I accidentally locked us out again! That’s right, both our keys and the replacement were in the room, and so was our clothes and our shoes! So we had to borrow another companionship’s shoes to walk back to the front office! Did I mention that we also locked our key cards to get into our dorm building in the room as well? Long story short, we got it figured out.


Fast forwarding, I’m no longer with my original group of Vietnamese elders. Since I knew Vietnamese already, I’m getting fast-tracked through the MTC, which means that instead of the 9 week training regimen that beginners go through, I’m going through a new 3 week course before they ship me out to Vietnam. I got a new companion, Elder Sproul. All our classes are in English now because we don’t have to learn our respective native languages (Elder Sproul is speaking Taiwanese). To be honest, I’m kinda scared that all of a sudden, Vietnam is right around the corner. But I know that through God, all things are possible, and that He has prepared me my entire life so that I can be an effective tool in his hands. I hope I’m ready, but after seeing what’s happened over the past 3 days, I know there’s so much I can learn in 3 weeks, and that makes me excited!


In any case, with the fast-tracking, my P-day is now on Friday instead of Tuesday. So look for my next email then. I love you all and I hope life is treating you well back home! I appreciate the emails I’ve gotten so far that show your love and support. It really means a lot and it keeps me going. I’ll talk to everybody in a week!


Sincerely, Anh Ca Phan


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