One thought on “Farewell Speech – July 31st 2016

  1. ” Hi Kevin,
    You may not know me but I have known you since you were born.
    I know you through the tears of joy in your parents eyes.
    When u were born, it was your dad’s proudest moment. Sitting there, in their NYC apartment, I held their precious bundle in my arms. I was very nervous of dropping you. Your parents circling me with pride and love. They had so much love for you, for each other, and for the family you guys have became.
    Your birth gave your dad another purpose in life. I thought that his focus in school n in life was more narrowed. He had tunnel vision. His life became so planned out, as if his Heavenly Father had delivered him a purpose, that is to be the greatest father to you. At a time where I was a little lost as in what to do with my life after graduation, your dad ( I used to call him dr Ming Ming,lol) had his whole life planned out for his family. He was skipping all the board exam and just taking the western regional. He was moving to Arizona. What’s in Az? I asked him. His reply was that is where he is going to make a life for his family.
    We stayed in touch through the years. I learned of all your extracurricular activities, your schooling at Gilbert Classical Academy. In all our conversations, his admiration and love for you remains to shine through.
    Today as I sat listening to the man you have become, I’m overwhelmed by your eloquence, your demeanor, and your presence. I am touched by your words. For someone so young, to explain so well the meaning of faith, of love, and despair. I hope my children will one day have the insight and vision of the future as you.
    Again, your life has brought tears of joy in your parents eyes. I see it in the tenderness of your mom as she held on to your sweet face. Im reminded of my own son.
    Watch out world! Kevin, you will do great things in His name!
    Warmest regards,
    Co^ Loan”


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